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Family Income Protection Plan

This life insurance plan is designed to serve as a regular income if the life Insured suffers illness or accidental injury leading to incapacity and a loss of earnings. The policy pays a lump sum in the event that the policyholder dies or becomes permanently disabled.


This insurance indemnifies you against loss, destruction or damage to your insured property from theft or attempted theft involving entry or exit from the premises by forcible and violent means.

Home Insurance

This is a special packaged policy designed for your home. Its covers both the building and its contents, your legal liability to the household and third parties on your premises, loss of rent as a result of an insured peril and personal accident to you and your dependants.

It covers a number of perils including Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake, Riot and Strike, burglary (including armed robbery), Civil Commotion, Impact, Tornado or Windstorm, Flood, Malicious Acts, Burst Pipe, Theft and many more.

Travel Insurance Policy

This policy provides a worldwide protection cover for anyone intending to travel outside the borders of Ghana. It provides the following benefits: Medical expenses arising from an illness(es), bodily injury and or hospitalisation costs, Repatriation of policyholder's corpse or ashes to Ghana,  Baggage loss/delay, Personal Accident, loss of passport, etc.

Funeral Insurance

Funeral Plan is a life insurance policy designed to provide payment of a lump sum when any or all of the life insured under the policy pass on (dies). These could be the principal life and or their, spouse, biological children, biological parents or parents in law. It could also be extended to cover other family members.

Personal Accident

Personal injuries can adversely affect your earning capacity, well-being and lifestyles of your family in many ways. Personal accident insurance is a 24-hour cover that compensate you against sustained bodily injury caused by a violent accident of external and visible means if it results in death, permanent or temporary total disability and corresponding medical expenses.

Fire & Allied Perils / Assets All Risks Policy

Fire & Allied Perils covers against loss or damage to property caused by fire, lighting and explosion (of gas or boiler used for domestic purposes).

The Assets All Risks component is a special policy usually designed to provide cover against a wide range of perils. It is restricted only by those specifically excluded in the policy. It can be designed to cover Fire, Lightning, Flood, Theft, Malicious Damage, Earthquake, Riots and Strikes, Burst Pipe, Impact, and many others.

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance policy is a mandatory cover that indemnifies you against any legal liabilities that may arise as a result of the use of your vehicle on a public road. It comes in three main types which includes Third Party Only Cover, Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover and Comprehensive Cover.

Third Party Only

The policy indemnifies you and any permitted driver in respect of your legal liability to third parties for death and bodily injury as well as claims for damage to other persons' property. The minimum limit for third party property damage may be pegged at GH¢5000. However, this can be increased at your request. Bodily injury compensation is unlimited.

Third party, Fire and Theft

The Policy will indemnify you with respect to your legal liability for

  • Death of or bodily injury to third parties,

  • Damage to third party property and

  • Theft or fire damage to the insured vehicle


The comprehensive policy will cover all of the risks described above, in addition to accidental damage to your vehicle.

Critical illness

This is a policy designed for to take out the financial burden on individuals and their families in the treatment and management of critical illness or dread diseases when either the individual or a family member is diagnosed with any of the conditions classified under dread or critical illness. Policy pays out a lump sum amount for the treatment of heart attack, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Kidney failure, Coronary artery disease requiring surgery, Paralysis, Major organ transplant, Multiple Sclerosis among others.

Child Education

Educational Policies are intended to support Parents and Guardians fund their children/ wards education in the future to any desire level. The policy usually comes with an educational Fund and/ or life insurance benefit on the life assured. This is intended to support the education of the child should the Parents or Guardians dies earlier than the maturity date of the policy. Other optional benefits like, Double Accident Benefit, replacement of child, Premium Waiver etc. may be added

Mortgage Insurance

This policy provides protection against repossession (by the lender) of a property acquired through mortgage loan should the death of the policyholder (borrower) occur before the full repayment of the loan or end of term of the mortgage.

In such event, the outstanding mortgage loan balance would be paid on behalf of the deceased policyholder to protect his estate

Credit Life / Loan Protection

Covers debts payment on loans if the insured losses their ability to pay due to an insured event which may include, Death (Natural and Accidental Causes), Total and Permanent Disability, Accidental Temporary Disability, Critical Illness and Loss of income (Retrenchment) among others.

Fidelity Guarantee

This policy is intended to promise compensation for any fraudulent or dishonest act of your employees in a position of trust committed during the period of insurance.

Contractors / Erection All Risks

This policy is designed to provide protection for building and civil works during a contract period. The policy provides cover against accidental damage to the civil engineering works erected, temporary structures on the site and/or construction plants and equipment.

It also extended to cover third party liability arising out of accident during erection works. The policy covers loss or damage from any unforeseen circumstances to building works, machinery movement, advanced business interruption and public liability, installation and constructional plant, excepting those perils which are expressly excluded under exclusion.

Business Interruption

This policy indemnify a business by replacing a business income lost in a disaster. This could be, a fire or a natural disaster. Business interruption insurance is not sold as a separate policy but is either added to a property/casualty policy or included in a comprehensive package policy as an add-on or rider. It would pay out expenses like wages to retain employees during the interruption, suppliers etc.

Public and Product Liability

The Public Liability Policy protects an insured in respect of his legal liability to third parties for both accidental bodily injury including illness and for any loss or damage to their property, which happens in connection with the insured business premises or products.

The policy is extended to cover Financial Loss incurred with respect to defects in any product sold or supplied by the insured, pollution liability, and electromagnetic radiation etc. as well as any cost incurred by the Insured with permission of the Insurer.

Professional Indemnity

A Professional indemnity cover is meant to compensate a professional against his legal cost and expenses incurred as a result of the unintended negative consequences of the advice or action of the professional on a third party, whether it’s a client, etc., it does not matter if the professional did not intend any wrong doing with his advice. A professional could be a doctor, a lawyer a psychiatrist, Journalist, architect, Accountant, or Lawyers etc.

Group Accident Cover


Comprehensive Group Life

The Comprehensive Group Life Policy is a 24 hour worldwide and all-inclusive policy that covers employees against Death (Natural and Accidental Causes), Total and Permanent Disability, Accidental Temporary Disability and Critical Illness. It could be extended to cover all provisions under the workmen compensation law and families members of employees. It covers the employee both on and off working hours.

Marine ( Cargo and Hull)

Marine and cargo insurance covers you against maritime perils, whether you’re looking for all risks cover or cover just for selected perils. You can also be covered against war or strikes under specific clauses.

We cover you from warehouse to warehouse, so if a vehicle collides or overturns while it is travelling via land, you’ll be covered under this policy. No matter what you’re transporting in order to turn a profit, our marine and cargo insurance will ensure that the value of your goods are always protected, no matter what happens.

Travel Insurance Policy

This policy provides a worldwide protection cover for anyone intending to travel outside the borders of Ghana. It provides the following benefits: Medical expenses arising from an illness(es), bodily injury and or hospitalisation costs, Repatriation to Ghana after treatment, Repatriation of policyholder's corpse or ashes to Ghana, Repatriation of child(ren) of policyholder insured under the policy, Baggage loss/delay, Personal Accident, loss of passport, etc.


We assist our clients to secure any type of bond they may need for their projects, whether they operate in the building and construction, petroleum industry, etc. These may include, Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Advance Payment Mobilisation Bond, Custom Bonds; including Warehouse Bond, Removal Bonds, Retention Bonds, Security and Transit Bonds etc.


This policy covers money (which is expressed to include cash; bank and currency notes; cheques; postal and money orders) against accidental loss, damage or destruction from any cause (including fire) which is not specifically excluded whilst, In transit, being carried by the insured or his authorized representative or sent by registered post, on the insured premises during business hours an in a locked safe or strong room.

Plant and Machinery


Health Insurance Cover

Health insurance is an insurance product which covers medical and surgical expenses of an insured individual. The individual may be an employee of an organization or a member of a family. It reimburses the expenses incurred due to illness or injury or pays the care provider of the insured individual directly. No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point. Health insurance covers these costs and offers many other important benefits.

  • Covers essential health benefits critical to maintaining your health and treating illness and accidents.

  • Protects you from unexpected, high medical costs.

  • Pay less for covered in-network health care, even before you meet your deductible.

  • Free preventive care, like vaccines, screenings, and some check-ups, even before you meet your deductible.

Risks Cover

Special risk insurance refers to an insurance policy that is non-traditional or unusual because the person or entity insured is more exposed to certain risks. These unusual risks might be attributed to the dangerous nature of the insured's profession or industry. Insurance companies cover risks like death, sickness, and property damage. But when an individual or an organization comes into close contact with these risks on a regular basis, they might require special risk insurance. A professional boxer, for example, is likely to suffer bodily damage sooner and more frequently than an office worker. While traditional life or health insurance will be suitable for the latter, the boxer will require a special risk insurance. Because of the higher likelihood and frequency of claims, premiums for special risk insurance are more expensive.

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