The insurance claims process can sometimes be a process. With Shield Insurance Brokers, it is different. That is because we are not just in the insurance business, we are in the people business. Our experienced claims specialists are relentless about every detail in the most personal way possible. Whether you have a business, homeowners or auto policy, it is our policy to make your life easier.

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Responsibilities of claimants:


All employees are to be made aware of the importance of reporting to management all Incidents that is likely to give rise to a claim.


Notify Shield Insurance Brokers, promptly utilizing the preferred incident report below were possible.


Completed claim form and supporting documents should be submitted without delay to Shield. Late notification of claim is likely to prejudice your right of recovery.


In the event of a summons being served, prompt notification must be given to Shield and insured must never admit liability for any incident or negotiate with third parties.


Minimise the impact of any loss.


Retain damaged items/salvage for inspection by assessors.


Notify police in the event of death, riot or malicious damage and theft.

Requirements for making each claim

Ghana drivers license
i. Drivers Licences
Insurance accident vehicle
ii. Pictures of Damages vehicle
Ghana police accident scene taking report
iii. Police and Fire Service Report if required
Accident car repair
iv. Estimates of Repairs Cost
Insurance claims form
v. Completed Claims Form